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Lopez examines the body with the python this Monday.
Lily Sandro Lopez defender "Lisbon Hawks" Benfica club of the Portuguese. Reportedly prepared to examine the body with "snake" Inter Milan giants of the battle of Serie A on Monday. Before moving to a new member in the San Siro in the form of a loan with the option to buy. According to a report on Saturday, January 13th ago.

Center Half Arjenin agreed to move. Join the international team. At this time are looking for a new quarterback, while Sky Italia reported that the "blue-white" will travel to Milan. On this Monday To visit the body To be a new player, "Serpent" to continue. Believe Inter will pay 500,000 euros (20 baht) to lend to Lopez. And they have options. The players can buy permanent players for a price of 9 million euros (360 million).

While Hiddink Hays, Bayern Munich's most experienced trainer, praised the team's performance in the Bundesliga. Conquest Bayer Leverkusen 3-1 at Brighton Stadium on Friday, January 12. Bayern took the lead 1-0 in the 32nd minute of the shooting of Javier Martinez before the run to 2-0 from the Gulf of Crimea at 59 minutes, but 70 minutes to beat the egg. Breaking from Kevin Flores, the "Southern Tigers" came to the door, 3-1 victory over injury time. The free-kick shot of Hamas Rodriguez, who made this victory Bayern overwhelmed the crowd with a 44 points from 18 shots away second place Schalke 04. To score less than one shot to 14 points. "Tactics and games today are well received. We lost focus after 2-0 lead, but it is difficult to win the victory here. Leverkusen team Very young talent. And today they have a good offensive game, "said Hays.

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English Premier League Saturday, January 13, 2018 Huddersfield 1 - West Ham 4
Stadium : The John Smiths Stadium
Bundesliga team re-opened home to West Ham midfielder Lorient De Pert standing in front of the goal, part 2 of the new Terence and Terence-Jo. Pritchard has a reserve section, while Mark Connolly Arnold Norwich is a spearhead punter. The visitors came out before the 25th minute of the mistake of the local goalkeeper Joe Ballley, Marko Arnaut Norwich cut before the flow to Mark Noble jab into simple.

At the end of the first half 40 minutes, the local rivalry was achieved in the shot that Joe Lawley drag from the right into the middle. Before the shoot with me. The ball has fled away with Adrian. Putting in the net first half 1-1 draw. The second half was just 11 seconds to lead again, Giuldieta's tackle to wipe open the ball of Angelo, Bonbon ball to go to Arnaut Norwich beat the defense of Los. Wessel into

57 minutes to go away to 3-1 in the shot at Arnottovich stabbed through the channel to Manuel Lanesi fell into the park to Los Angeles to the net. I have to go to big. At the door of the fourth minute 62 Arnaut Norwich led the ball before the runner-up before the flow to Lanes, the ball hit the ball into the sideline into the second goal in this game. Then what else can I do? West Ham upset 4-1.

List of two players.
Huddersfield : Jonas Loser, Tommi, Smith (Terence Cogollo, 71), Matthias Yorken Scott Malone, Jonathan Hogg, Aaron Mooy, Raji van La Parra, Tom In, Joe Lolley (Alex Pritchard, MA 65), Loretto de Pait

West Ham : Adrian, James Collins, Angelo Bonbon, Aaron Dresden, Pablo Javier, Mark Noble, Pedro Manuel Curzon (85 cm), Marko Arnautov (Andrea Cervantes) Ahmed 77)
Referee: Jonathan Moss

Pause for the Swiss penalty shootout.
Ovidi Hagecan, Romanian Director Accept that they make the wrong decision. Switzerland scored the penalty in the 2018 World Cup qualifier in Europe, the first round of playoffs, the warriors from the clock to beat Ireland 1-0 victory over the past November.

In that match, Hagan looked at the Northern Ireland's Corinne Watson, using his arm to block the ball in the penalty area.
The picture shows that the ball actually hit the shoulder. It is not illegal. By the end of the penalty. It leads to the goal of the Swiss Cherokee. The shooting of Ricardo Rodriguez. The result of this competition. Switzerland I have a lot of advantages. Before the second shot ended. With a 0-0 tie by Michael O'Neill, the Northern Ireland national team has come out to blame Hagan, that the decision was a terrible mistake. And most recently, Romania's unnamed 36-man final group to be blew in the 2018 World Cup, admitted that they actually made a mistake.

"It was a sad moment," said Hagan. And not smooth for me. I regret that I made a mistake. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those 36, but I'm looking forward to seeing myself as a director on the video. In the race " "Of course, the rhythm is part of the game. I do not have the excuse to make myself look good. In our world The director is like a goalkeeper. That is, everyone will be interested, but mistakes. Of us I do not care, I'm strong enough. My family is by my side. When I met a difficult time, "said the black shirt of Zombie.

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Spanish La Liga Saturday 13 January 2018 Real Madrid 0 - Villarreal 1
Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid
"White King" Real Madrid old champion made poor results in the league this season. No Sergio Ramos defender behind the French captain Karim Benzema. The injury is disturbing. The pair face Gareth Bale Star Wevel Hunt with Cristiano Ronaldo.
The "Yellow Submarine" Villarreal has no twist. Rui Ru, the defender flat penalty, given to Danielle Bonera, a 36-year-old Italian veteran standing down. Center Half with Albano Gonzalez

The first half came in 13 minutes when Real Madrid took a chance when Toni Kroos opened the corner for Cristiano Ronaldo, with a header from the right-hand post. Five minutes later, Real Madrid's left-back Marcelo Alonso left the ball in the box from the outside of the box. But not through the hands of Sergio Arsenio, The game comes to the 22nd minute, Real Madrid mashed up Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese star. With the right out of the penalty area, Sergio Arsenio, who was an outfielder, Yarri Alonso flicked out after a corner kick. Vann had a chance to strike but the ball was out of frame.

Last minute of first half The resident of EAS. Jose Enrique Cristiano Ronaldo beaten with a left-sided save Sergio Asen 0-0 in the first half 0-0. Let's play again in the second half. Villarreal Game Fix By sending Denis Cheese to play instead of Dani Rubba, then there was a chance in the 48th when Bobby paid for Cheetah. A shot from the edge of the area clears the ball from the right-hand post. Local players in the 57th minute, Gareth Bale pays for Cristiano Ronaldo, with Ronaldo right-footed shot in the box, blocking the Mario Gaspag left the right. Leave behind

Moved for 63 minutes, Real Madrid raced again Cristiano Ronaldo to pay Luka Modric with a right-back from outside the penalty area, but to secure Sergio Asen. Oh, another one. Three minutes later Tony Kroos, midfielder of the white suit, opened for Cristiano Ronaldo. The penalty area did not pass through Sergio Asenaso as the game ended at 87 minutes. Then came the first 1-0 lead from the pace of Denis Cheese, who came down as a reserve from the left to the United reserve to reserve as well. Leading up to the right of gay Lorna Navarre, anal Real Madrid rebounded into the path of Pablo Fornells, chip left-footed from the penalty area. The ball passed across the Navas to the door to the classic. The remaining do not add up to the game, Villarreal turn over to beat Real Madrid to nest 1-0 to earn three points.

List of players of both teams.
Real Madrid : Gay Lorient, Daniel Garbuck, Rafael van der Vaart, Fernando Villanuez, Marcelo Viejo (captain), Luca Ezgo (Lucius Bakugazi 70), Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale (Marco Agassi) Sensation. 70)

Villarreal : Sergio Azzano, Mario Gaspard, Daniele Bonera, Alvaro Gonzalez, Juan Manuel Guido, Danira Manuel Trigosus, Rodriguez Nanded, Samuel Steele (Antonio Ravenina 83), Pablo Forrestal, Carlos Bucka (Annes UNL 76)
Referee: Alberdeen Dino Maejo

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Buzz Wow Arsenal boss.
"Pravda," the media in Bosnia hit the news that Cogol Bouwak, assistant manager of Liverpool's Liverpool "Liverpool" to prepare for the new manager of the "cannon. "Arsenal to replace Arsene Wenger to step down after the end of the season.
After the shock news, Cello Bujaz, let's leave the task of helping Jurgen Klopp to end the season. For personal reasons, it is believed. I have not been able to find a way to do it.

The latest "Pravda" Media Bosnian states play the issue. Separation of Klopp and Bouwaukee from the first week. The right hand has been praised as "brain" is not a problem. Private Conflict with the goalkeeper coach from the game, Chelsea 1-1 draw is already cleared.

The cause of the break from the Anfield. Suddenly, Sven Lynn Tatat, head of the recruitment department with Ivan Gustavis, a senior manager of the Arsenal club, is approached to act as consultant to replace Wayne Rooney. Blood perfume I have not experienced the team before.Important also has worked with. Air France - Emmerick, Obama, Pioneers of the Gabon national team and Henrik Mitchatan, Armenia national team commander. Like the "yellow shirts" Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga Bundesliga again and will work with Sebastian Cincinnati second-generation junior division.

At the same time, "SkyBet" is a legitimate betting company. As the news in the cutting of prices, Bujo Boaz will be appointed as new Arsenal boss from 40/1 (1 st place, pay 40 without capital), cut 25/1 (stab 1 pay 25 Not included in the capital. The latest price drops drastically to 3/1 (bet 1 pay 3 without capital) is a favorite immediately.Followed by Massimiliano Alberto of Juventus and former champion Serie A Serie A Italy 4/1 (stake 1 pay 4, excluding capital)Louis Enrico 6/1 (bet 1 paid 6 without capital), Brendan Rodgers and Carlo Ancelotti 8/1 (bet 1 paid 8, excluding capital) equal.